1. Be True (Live)
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Coffee, eggs, and sweats to start the day,
Feelin' Cool,
Build myself, build myself back up,
Took a plunge feelin' down,
Don't let doubt interrupt,
Not a sound, sound, sound,

On a leash a pullin' thought that strays,
Don't be fooled,

Don't need ya, Don't need ya,
All the weight, from yesterday, go down the strait,
Waters that free ya, waters that free ya,
Don't underestimate, what the mind creates, investigate,

The sun's still up new life came in, guess what?,
Not feelin' deadened sad sped in I had enough,
Was going thru the roundabout, the roundabout, the roundabout,
Much like troy my joy felt a trojan horse full of corrupt,

Don't need ya, don't need ya,
Don't take the bate, don't hesitate, why do you wait?,
Got food, got health, got youth, got you, got new,
Times on horize', ladies to fly with, just be true,
Just be true