Our Story


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to check out our music and our site.  If you like the playing styles of Wes Montgomery, Eric Clapton, BB King, Frank Zappa, and David Gilmour, you might enjoy the music of Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers. Prior to music, Philly Joe had a successful 24-year military career and he is an Iraq War combat vet.  So making and sharing music is now his passion.  "Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers", has been influenced by multiple genres and artists from around the world.   

 "Philly Joe" writes music, plays guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. After moving to the Las Vegas, Nevada, area, Joe met the love of his life, a talented songwriter and musician, "Kelly Mulligan", and started jamming with Wayne "Night Train" Andreola (Harmonica), PJ Anderson, (Drums), Will Craver (Guitar/Bass), and Gary Garrard (Singer/songwriter, guitarist, and keyboard player). This was the begining of Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers.

This studio artist and his various bandmates have a collective 205 plus years of experience in jamming. So please, enjoy this crazy musical ride that covers the 1960's to current styles. After playing with garage band musicians from around the world, it is time to break out and share some music. Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers have over 200 original songs. Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed making it...the best is yet to come.

Originally, we played Smooth Jazz Fusion.  Our current direction is playing original Rock & Blues and we plan on touring more in 2020 with the "Mesquite Blues Society" (MBS).  So if you like what you hear, please contact us, or just sign up to the Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers mailing list.   Thank you for your support.  All of our music is available for purchase on this website, or via MP3 download on Amazon Music.  We priced all tracks at $.99 cents each so everyone can enjoy the music.  So Let's get funky!  -Philly Joe -

This album features: "Silver Surfer" which is pure Jazz Fusion only available on the album.