1. Midnight Drive


People that care, Care about me
Been thinkin' Oh, time to think
Present upstairs, when nobody else is
I don't take for granted when I'm on the brink of what should I, I, I...

Caffeine buzz and there's no rush
Downtown Indy in my hotel room
Drove nine hours through the night
Darkness relieved from the graveyard shift by the sunrise light

Moving West, learning how to do my best (x2)

500 miles turns into 400
& there's no shortcuts through Kansas
Pastures, cattle, and granite
Redlight windfarm and a midnight train to my right

Out in Colorado and there's no stoppin'
No light pollution and the stars are rockin'
Burning man in the road
sleep deprived but I have to go

Movin' west
Learnin how to feel my best (x2)