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KLM Productions is a recording studio, record label, and music promotional company that specializes in promoting new original music.  Owner, Kelly Mulligan-Webster, a Music Promoter since 2002, started the company in January 2016.  KLM Productions currently manages and promotes the artists: David Major Webster, Midnight Sun, Average Joe and the Deplorables, Mesquite Blues Society (MBS), Philly Joe, and Kelly Joe & the Skywalkers. The artist and his band, "Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers" was formed by guitarist and Frontman, P. Joseph Webster in 2015. Born in South Philadelphia, raised in Olney, North East Philly, and a graduate from Temple University. "Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers" was influenced by Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Funk.  Our first Smooth Jazz Fusion album, "WE CAME FROM THE STARS...with a little of FUNK" (MP3), was recorded under the original band name Philly Joe and was released in 100 countries on August 20, 2016.  All music was recorded in a Sonar Platinum Studio for KLM Productions.  The album is also available for purchase in a hard copy autographed CD for $7.99, (please add $2.00 for shipping and handling in the U.S.). 

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to check out our music and our site.  If you like the playing styles of Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, BB King, Frank Zappa, or David Gilmour, you might enjoy the music of Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers.  Some of our Smooth Jazz Fusion instrumentals have horns, keys, and synth melodies for that throwback funky sound.

 Band Frontman, "Philly Joe", writes music, plays guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. After moving to the Las Vegas, Nevada, area, Joe met the love of his life, a talented songwriter and musician, "Kelly Mulligan", and started jamming with Wayne "Night Train" Andreola (Harmonica), PJ Anderson, (Drums), Will Craver (Guitar/Bass), and Gary Garrard (Singer/songwriter, guitarist, and keyboard player).

This studio artist and his various bandmates collectively have over 205 years of experience in jamming. So please, enjoy this crazy musical ride that covers the 1960's to current styles. After playing with garage band musicians from around the world, it is time to break out and share some music. "Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers", has over 200 original songs. Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed making it...the best is yet to come.

Our current direction is original Rock, Smooth Jazz Fusion., and Guitar Gary is leading our Country Music project. We have three new albums that should be released soon. So let's Rock and get Funky!    -Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers-

Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers cover "BEHIND BLUE EYES"   

This free MP3 download is a Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers,  instrumental interpretation of the classic rock song, "Behind Blue Eyes", originally written and recorded by The Who.  This cover song was recorded in a Sonar Platinum Studio as a tribute to the original band.  This track is not for sale and is only available on KLMProductions.net.  The instruments used in making this song are: a Brown drum kit, a Yamaha bass, a Fender Squire Strat guitar, and a Reverend guitar. This song consists of five studio tracks and is played at 85 BPM in an attempt to capture the sadness and drama of the original recording.  Let Me know what you think... Enjoy your weekend!  - Kelly Joe & The Skywakers -

Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers Cover - "Can't You See" Featuring Guitar Gary On Vocals  

We hope that you are enjoying your summer.  Below is a free MP3 cover of "Can't You See", featuring Guitar Gary on vocals, Kelly Webster on bass, and Philly Joe on all guitar and drum tracks.  This cover project was recorded in a Sonar Platinum Studio for KLM Productions as a tribute to the Marshall Tucker Band.  (This version is not for sale and is only available at: KLMProductions.net.)   Thanks for your support.  All comments are welcome. Best regards,  - Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers -

New Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers Fusion Preview Track: "PHILLY JOE IN THE HOUSE"  

Happy New Year!  This new Philly Joe Fusion single will be released by KLM Productions on Google Play in February 2017.  It was inspired by our Blues and Contemporary Smooth Jazz roots.  "Philly Joe In the House" was recorded in a Sonar Platinum Studio, (All Rights Reserved).  A special thanks to my wife Kelly and my good friend Guitar Gary for their support in this studio recording.  All feedback is welcomed in this blog.  Enjoy the ride!  - Kelly Joe & The Skywalkers -

Happy New Year! "Our Love Will Never Die (Kelly's Song)" Inspired by my wife.  

This was Philly Joe's first song inspired by his beautiful wife.  Philly Joe Stated,"I could see her sleeping in the other room, and I grabbed my guitar and started playing this smooth funky sound.  As my passion and love for her was on my mind, the strings on my Fender Guitar just started to bend.  I matched the guitar lead up with some clean jazz chords and harmonic notes on my keyboard. This music came from the heart and ultimately started my career in Smooth Jazz Fusion. This song is catching on in Canada and Europe.  Kelly liked it so much, we used it for the candle lighting ceremony at our wedding last month.  As it turns out, this is a great song to listen to with a glass of wine and that special someone.  What do you think of it?

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